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About Tracie Loveless Hill

Tracie Loveless-Hill was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. She has been married for 33 years the love of her life, Cedric. They have two wonderful chil​dren: Taneya and Cedric II.

Tracie is attending Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi, which is a HBCU and has previously attended Hawkeye Community College, earning associates degrees in criminology and general studies. Tracie is now retired from U.S. West where she served as a Communications Specialist.

Tracie has attended the Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist all of her life receiving Christ at a young age. She has always been active growing up in church thanks to her Grandmother Mother C.M. Powell-Ambrose.

Considered a community activist she loves getting involved in all things that will better her community and the people in it. But the biggest joys in her life are curling up with a good novel, listening to traditional gospel music or just spending time with those she loves the most: her family.


I was blessed to have two grandmother's that carried the biggest hearts of any one I have ever known. Both taught me it didn't matter what circumstances you come from. It didn't matter what hardship, mistreatment or racism that you were faced with, we all have to live in this world together. We all have to take care for one another. There was no such word as selfishness as far as they were concerned. I watched as these two wonderful, beautiful , strong women took care of not only family but the community. These women helped to guide me, shape me, show me and love me. They helped to bring out in me the purpose that I feel is set for me in this life. They were and are still my inspiration.

My purpose is to write and inspire others. I have created a library/media center in my community, equipped with some of the latest technology and a large selection of books the entire community can enjoy. I have also created a Child Care Center.

My goal is to continue to have a profound impact on people and causes including veterans, homelessness, rescued animals, and feeding people in need.

My purpose is to bring diverse groups of people together through reading, conversation, and direct community action.

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