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Three The Hard Way

"Generational trauma is all that Kourtney has ever known. Her mother Ethel had grown up in the treacherous Calico projects and Kourtney, who had believed she would do better in life, found herself following in the same footsteps: unmarried and raising her own three sons in those same deadly projects. First she, then her children grew up in the harsh environment of the Calico surrounded by violence, drugs and death, and there seems no way out. Kourtney watches helplessly as each of her sons are lost to the streets, knowing that the most likely route for any of them will include prison or death. Generational curses need to be broken; but knowing nothing other than dysfunction, what can Kourtney do? In a downward spiral where life seems at its lowest sometimes there is nowhere else to go but up, and Kourtney learns that redemption is not easy, but it is possible—even for Three The Hard Way"​

Preying Hard Time

Like a pebble dropped into water, actions have a ripple effect and touch everyone around. In a drug deal gone wrong, Montel had once shot the Reverend Randall C. Harris, leaving a bullet in his head. Confined to a wheelchair, after being shot in the back, Montel suffers a similar fate. This is made worse by the fact that he is behind bars, serving a lengthy prison sentence. With time stretched out before him, Montel has every opportunity to think about what landed him in prison, and how he may redeem himself once he’s served his sentence—if he can make it out alive. With trouble so easy to find in prison, how will he avoid pitfalls that could turn his bid into a life sentence? With folks who believe in him against the odds, Montel finds a 'guardian angel', a renewed outlook and forgiveness while he is... Preying Hard Time.

“Author, Tracie Loveless Hill, pumps a lot of passion into her prose. She has the reader sitting on the edge of his seat, feeling as though he is the one in prison and, at the same time, sitting in a wheelchair with the protagonist, Montel. The language is raw and authentic. Follow Book 3 of the ‘Preying Time’ series to its satisfying conclusion.”

Dr. Maxine Thompson, Publisher, Black Butterfly Press, Author.

A Preachers Kid

Alexis Thomas, the only child of Bishop Alexander and First Lady Camille Thomas was the stereotypical "P.K." or Preachers Kid: spoiled, entitled, and accustomed to getting her way because of her status within the church. From a young age Alexis was sly and manipulative when it came to getting what she wanted; but as she grew older she was also naive to the ways in which she was being manipulated by those in her life who meant her no good. Violence in Alexis life causes her to reflect on how she is living, how she can become her best self, and how she can move beyond the stereotype of growing up...A Preachers Kid

Breaking Bad

“The curse was that no woman in our family would ever find love in any form. Whether it be man or friend, there would be no love”.

Princess’s mother, grandmother, and even great-grandmother believed Fate had determined that they were incapable of having love, and so they had used men as a convenience to get what they wanted out of life. The story of that curse had been passed down through generations of Princess’s family for so long, she too had come to accept it as truth. But was it the truth? Wanting to break free of the dysfunction that had cast a shadow over her life, Princess worked hard to do everything possible not to follow in the footsteps of the women who had come before her. Would it be enough? It wasn’t just a matter of making good; it was also about…Breaking Bad

Alphonsia's Cauling

A product of rape, Alphonsia was bornin 1923 to a teenage mother, Emmy and her overprotected grandmother Grace in the piney woods of Mississippi. He was named after her grandfather who was lynched before her birth. Alphonsia's father was a good looking, smooth talker of mixed race who was a product of rape himself- who left he county as soon as he learned of Emmy's pregnancy.

No longer the apple of her mother's eye, Emmy leaves her young daughter with her mother to try and make a better life for herself in Chicago. after much heartache and tragedy, Emmy finds that the golden streets of the North that she had heard so much about does not offer what she had dreamed. After Grace's death Alphonsia has to leave the only home that she has known to move to Chicago--and in so doing, she also sets out to find her purpose in life. Born with a special gift, after coming full circle Alphonsia finally realizes her calling.

Very different circumstances that they each endure shapes the lives of the strong women this story.

Preying Time

God calls a special woman to be a pastor’s wife.

The Reverend Randall C. Harris, pastor of a large and prominent church, seems to have it all. Handsome, charismatic, influential, and well loved by his congregation and beautiful wife, Reverend Harris is deeply spiritual. He’s involved in the community and dedicated to his church members—especially the female members.

"Yes, I am a man of God, but first and foremost, I am a man." These words are Reverend Harris’s rationale for the things he does that might not line up with Christian ethics. He truly believes he’s entitled to pursue the delights of the flesh as long as he fulfills the duties of his ministry, but Reverend Harris will find that there are terrible consequences to pay when what should be praying time becomes preying time.

Still Preying

"After being shot and nearly killed, Rev. Randall Harris is a changed man. He has become a good husband, a dedicated Pastor, and he’s turned his life over to the Lord. But his former right hand man, Deacon Samuel Wise seems poised to take over where Rev. Harris

left off. Deacon Wise wants the old Rev. Harris back—the scoundrel who once ran the streets with him and preyed on the women of the congregation. Deacon Wise is on his own, though, and continues to lead a secret life built on lies, cheating—and eventually,

theft. When Unity Missionary Baptist Church receives a hefty inheritance from one of its beloved members, Deacon Wise schemes to see if he can get his hands on some of it—but without his old ‘partner in crime’ to cover for him, he’s treading on dangerous ground.

When violence brings everything to a head, the good Deacon could lose all he’s worked for, and risk the safety of those he cares about—and all because he is…Still Preying!"

Acts Of Betrayal

High school sweethearts Michael and Lorece had a bright future ahead of them. He offered a lucrative basketball scholarship to a local junior college. Seven years and five children later their future seemed to have come to a dead end when Michael loses his job at a prominent Mid-west meat packing plant due to a shut down. Packing his family up in the car they are headed for a promising new life. Only to find that what he was seeking was not easy to find. He and Lorece meet a well known Bishop and his wife who promises to keep their children for them until they can get back onto their feet. They quickly find that they are in for the fight for their lives to get their children back. Many secrets are revealed about the characters, especially the good Bishop and his social climbing wife. A lesson they learn when placing your trust in someone who carries the titles. It is all The Acts: of Betrayal.

Escape From The Garden of Eden

Heartbroken, confused and at one of the lowest points in her life. Tyesha Lawson cannot understand why her relationship of six years had to come to an abrupt end. So when she receives a certified letter stating that she has won an all expense paid luxury vacation to Las Vegas she feels that it is just what she needs to get on with her life. The good news is that she can bring two friends along. The only stipulation is that they have to be female. She decides to bring her two best friends with her. Not only does this proves to be the trip of a lifetime. But it turns into a life changing adventure that they will never forget. Hunted down like animals by religous zealots with a maniac narcissus leader they spend weeks in the forest and desert trying to survive. If caught they will be forced to marry men that they totally abhor or worse. It is a long hard trek as the friends try to make it home. A journey filled with hardships and tribulations that will make their bond tighter then ever as they try to escape from the Garden of Eden.

The Rose Garden

​All that Chandra wanted to do was taker her best friend out to trip the light fantastic. First to dinner and on to the Purple Diamond to see her favorite group of all time. This was how they were going to celebrate Kierra's much deserved promotion. Nothing but the best for her best friend. They were having a wonderful time dancing, drinking ant shouting towards the stage. On their way to the parking garage was all Chandra could remember when she awoke the next morning with a horrible head ache. Her ankle chain to a pipe in a dark, damp, musty basement lying on a mildewed mattress. Her friend Kierra was no where to be found. Her heart was breaking and filled with confusion. It didn't take long for Chandra to realize that she had been kidnapped. She was not alone in the dark dungeon, there were others that had been there for a long time. The only thing that kept her sane was her faith and conversing with the other women, well that was unless the huge, ugly man came to the basement. He was frightening to look at, a monster. Who was he? What was he planning to do to her and the other's? Chandra spent many hours thinking of ways to escape while the other had practically given up. One day he came down to tell her it was her time to take a bath. She followed him upstairs without question to his filthy bathroom. From what she could see the whole house looked like it should have been condemned. It smelled just as bad upstairs. But from the bathroom window she looked out onto his backyard. There she saw the most breath taking rose garden that she ever laid eyes on. Only he use a special fertilizer to make them bloom so beautifully. In time she was able to gain his trust to cook and clean the house. With him the only one who held the keys to unlock and doors and the windows were painted shut. Chandra just had to find a way out of the hovel with the rose garden

I Too Matter

With the wonderful memories of her mother whom died when she was just three years old Elise Cameron seems to have it all together. Always the over protective big sister to her little sister and best friend Chanel they both grew to become very beautiful, confident yet vey different women. Elise was driven to become the best that she could be at everything that she set out to do. To get the best grades in school, to achieve the scholarships and awards. To graduate at the top of her class. There seems to be nothing that could hold her back from happiness and success--nothing but her own self-doubt and a longing for a closer relationship with a grandfather she barely knows. The Reverend Theodore Cozee, devastated by his young daughters death left his old life behind to never look back. Not even to his own granddaughters. One whom longs for his love and affections, the other whom could care less about the hypocrite that preaches about love yet refuses to show it. Elise's ambitions and choices in the directions of her life--even her choices in men have been driven by her desire to win the approval of her grandfather, a prominent minister well known for his work and books on the structures of the Christian family. Every man who comes into her life must fit an image she believes her grandfather would approve of. Approval that she will never have the pleasure to experience. Thus as well educated as she is Elise has a lot to learn and it is until an attractive--and totally unconventional--brother comes into her life, bringing valuable lessons about self-acceptance and real love that Elise Cameron can truly feel that she too indeed matters.

Emotive A Cougar's Tale

A successful executive with a prominent Chicago advertising firm. '40 something' Donnece Chadway is what some might describe as a 'cougar'. Bold, beautiful, and accustomed to getting what she wants. Donnece is on the prowl for well-built, handsome, young men--and she'll do what it takes to attract them. Youth is Donnece's drug and older men don't have a chance--even young ones are at risk of being replaced by the next hot newcomer.

A dangerously low point in her life shows Donnece what is really valuable, as she learns that her empty,obsessive lifestyle has limits--and boundaries that should not be crossed

Secrets Of A First Lady

"On the surface, Monique Pearson’s life appears ‘picture-perfect’. Having lived through a traumatic childhood, Monique seems to have overcome her early hardships. She has her devoted husband, Reverend Neal Pearson, she is First Lady of their prominent church, and she is loved and respected by everyone in the congregation—everyone except her mother-in-law, who looks down on Monique’s humble background and has never felt that she was good enough for her son. There are ugly, sordid secrets lurking just beneath the surface of Monique’s storybook life. Things are not as they seem. Demons from Monique’s past and shameful secrets she now keeps threaten to destroy the perfect image she has worked so hard to portray. Monique may lose the life she enjoys and the man she loves when betrayal and violence come together to expose…The Secrets of a First Lady."

An Unwise Decision

Sucessful LPN Dahlia Wiseman is at the top of her game. When her father becomes ill she took up the position of caregiver. When his sickness causes him to pass on it takes more out of her than she realizes. A man comes into in her life at a very vulnerable time and tells her all the things that she needs to hear. Before she realizes it she is deeply in love. Only to find out that he has a extremely expensive drug habit. This compromises her morals as well as her career. In a matter of a few short years she loses everything that she had worked so hard to attain. Her home, her automobiles, her self esteem, even the close bond that she shared with her sisters. She finds herself on drugs and sleeping in the city park doing anything to survive. A prison stint opens her heart, clears her mind and puts her on the right path. Now she has to work to build the once close relationship that she had with her sisters before Willis Jackson Jr. came into her life.

Art Of The Illusion

“My name is Tashay “Shay Shay” Smart. I guess when you think about it, I do not represent my last name very well.”

What an understatement! Tashay, who comes from a hard-working, close-knit family and has always worked for what she wants, now finds herself in a terrible situation. When a handsome, successful man from her past shows up in Tashay’s life, the lovers pick up where they’d left off years ago, and at first, all seems right with the world. He’s attentive, generous, and seems to possess all the qualities Tashay wants in a man. But as time reveals truths Tashay chooses to ignore, she learns a harsh lesson about facing reality rather than allowing herself to be deceived by the… Art of the Illusion

Dawn Of A New Day

Dawn Montgomery ‘s early years can be summed up in the words of poet Langston Hughes: “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.”

Growing up with a drug-addicted parent in an unsafe environment, the deck was stacked against Dawn. Suffering severe neglect and abuse, there seemed to be no escape for her until a violent incident led to her placement with the one person who would protect and always have her back: her beloved grandmother Carol Montgomery, affectionately known as Ma Dear.

Even with Ma Dear’s guidance and unwavering love, Dawn finds herself in a situation that threatens to make her just another statistic. With her own strong will—and the love and support of family and friends—Dawn is determined to overcome the odds and escape the circumstances that hinder her success. From abuse to triumph, she is ready to see the….Dawn of a New Day.

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