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Victoria Harris Hampton. Retired Educator with

Louisville Mississippi school system.

I was so invested emotionally in this book Preying Hard Time. I was able to see the characters grow and mature in their love for others and in their love for God. The story emphasize what great things you can accomplish and how you’re able to change for the better if given a second chance. I felt this book is about God’s forgiving us, and we must forgive others in order to fully understand His love for us. The story was a roller- coaster ride from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Charles Jenkins Omega Psi Phi inc.

Tracie Eileen Loveless Hill, I just finished reading Acts of Betrayal and I really enjoyed it. I love your work and the spirituality that you display in your writing. The weather currently in Atlanta is rain and is forecasted to be so for the remainder of the week, I guess it good timing for me to start reading your other book "Preying Time". Thanks for my books and give my Bro Boo Bob and your family my regards.

Author Matthew Q. Dawson

As I know Mrs. Hill is an outstanding and phenomenal writer in her genre this book has to be one of the best. You aint ever read a heart gripping book until you have read one of her books! I endorse her writing and can say if you have ever read one of her pieces of art you will never stop reading her work!!!

Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson‎,

Owner and CEO of BaHar Publishing

"Tracie Loveless Hill is an engaging and prolific author. She writes stories that capture and keep your attention throughout. As editor/owner of BaHar Publishing, I've had the privilege of getting 'first look' at almost all of her stories, and I continue to be amazed at the creativity and imagination that helps her to bring so many different stories to life. She has an eye for detail and her characters are realistic--some are truly good, some naïve--some are the villains we love to hate. Some have strengths and flaws, and they triumph over their circumstances--just like anyone you might know. If Tracie's future in writing proves to be anything like what she's produced thus far, we have a lot more great stories to look forward to!"

Dr. Gloria Kirkland Holmes

"A must-read!

The author does a great job of maintaining your attention, keeping you in suspense, while causing you to do a personal soul search...a must read for people who desire more strength and spiritual understanding of life."

Marshawn De Vaughn, K.B.B.G. Radio. 88.1 F.M.

"Tracie Loveless Hill does a wonderful job of telling it like it is. Her books captures and hold the readers attention. Loveless-Hill is a talented writer and Waterloo Iowa should be very proud of her."

Marjorie Webb, Serendipity Fan ClubHuman Resource Specialist

"Tracie Loveless Hill is a master story teller. Her novels will evoke emotions from the characters that she writes about."

Retired, U.S.A.F. & Literary Ladies Elite Book Club O'Fallon, Il.

"I am honored to give a huge shout out to an up and coming author. Her story lines are some that we can all relate to in our every day lives, and the characters are very real. You will feel that you know some of the hilarious characters. I love the way that she weaves through out the pages with her words, taking you on a roller coaster. The reader will feel apart of the drama-filled adventures. She is addictive and I cannot wait for the next novel. Mrs. Loveless Hill is a great story teller and I am so happy that she is sharing her talents with the world."

Patricia Harris

"Riveting and breath taking, Preying Time will make you think long and hard about our so called leaders of the church. Tracie out did herself with this one. This novel is a great book."

Peg Morgan, Community Prevention Educator

"Tracie Loveless Hill does it every time. A very talented writer."

Tanica Washington, Owner and Operator of Black Books Inc.

Tracie has successfully found a way to weave the Gospel and a good story line together. She makes the reader feel that they are a part of the actual story. Her books are filled with drama and loads of emotions. I feel that Mrs. Loveless Hill is in her way in having a wonderful career as a writer of fiction novels.

LaTroya Acklin

"I got four books from my favorite author Tracie Loveless-Hill. I just love reading her books when I get to reading it I can never put it down 📚📖

Secrets of a First Lady, Still Preying, Dawn of a New Day, Art of The Illusion."

Jazmen Moore of Idaho

Finally finished An Unwise Decision. It was an Emotional roller coaster. Great work.

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